I do three (3) main and core activities in my life:

  1. Music
  2. Marketing
  3. Lecturing, Teaching & Coaching

They  could be developed as standalone activities or often mixed. e.g. Music Marketing, Music Teaching, Marketing Teaching… etc.

All of these activities are built, consulted, created, managed, developed, taught, inspired, written, coded, designed on the powerful, complete and fulfilling experience that the Apple Mac Computer delivers.

By enabling and unleashing all my creativity, power, speed, inspiration, motivation and efficiency that a piece of Technology is capable of provide, transforming a human being, into a Power User.

With this tool, I’m always trying to Automate Proceses and Workflows whenever is possible with the use of AppleScript, Automator and Keyboard Maestro.

Other minor activities may include: New Business Consulting, Systems Communications Consultant, Communication Auditing, Marketing Auditing, Apps and Mac technology implementation for Businesses, including inventory, stock management, sales, accounting, payrol, etc.

  • Graduated from two (2) Bachelor Degrees: Bachelor Degree of Media and Communications (Mexico 2005) and Bachelor Degree of Popular Music (Australia 2010)
  • Lived in Australia for almost 5 years.
  • I can Sing and I do also play Piano and Keyboards, Do Programming and play guitars, (acoustic and electric). I can write, arrange and produce songs. Always using Logic Pro and Native Instruments.
  • I also play basketball and football soccer.
  • I am a vegetarian/pescetarian and ocasional vegan. I enjoy healthy blending and  vegetables & vegetable juicing.
  • Like all types of food, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Seafood, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, American, Italian, and specially Yucateca.


  • I try to avoid toxic people, negative feelings and attitudes, and avoid talking about other people’s lives.

    Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people: Eleanor Roosevelt
  • I enjoy ‘good’ journalism, like José Gutiérrez Vivó and Carmen Aristegui.
  • Will always love my Soccer team; Pumas UNAM. Longtime Chicago Bull supporter. Sometimes I watch Baseball.
  • I drink dark-roasted coffee with no sugar and almond milk, organic green tea, love IPA beers, and Merlot or Malbec wines.
  • I’m always interested in learning different topics such as Finances and Investing, History and Philosophy, Art & Culture, Creativity, Poetry and Metaphor as a way of expression in every art form.
  • I am Paperless, I like e-books and audiobooks normally about: Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Sales, Music, The Beatles, Music Producing and History, sometimes I like reading/listening to Novels.
  • Favorite genre of music is Progressive Rock, enjoying all different types of Rock Music, I also love blues, jazz, electronic, world music, and classical music.
  • I’m often called: Internet Junkie, Mac Savvy, Nerd, Geek, iOS Apps lover, Google Chrome Extensions Addict, OS X Loyal Fan.
  • Attended Marist Schools (CUM – Centro Universitario México) pretty much all of my life with the exception of Colegio Madrid, founded by Spanish exiles around the Spanish Civil War years. Some of the best schools in the whole country (Mexico).
  • My religious formation is in the Catholic world, I know the Bible well, better than many so called ‘new born christians’, however my heart and faith are somewhere else, probably something broader that we cannot even understand. I prefer not to discuss about politics or religion.
  • Soy Mexicano, Nacido en el Distrito Federal en 1982.